Station name change still possible

Last updated : 14 January 2009 By Stuart Gillespie
The letter was received by Councillor Derek Mackay, who is the leader of Renfrewshire Council and also the chair of the Paisley Vision board.

He claims to have been in regular contact with Transport Scotland and believes the latest communication he has received from them could result in the station name being changed.

He said: "I have been in contact with Transport Scotland and have been pushing to have this station re-named. I received a letter from Transport Scotland this week, which I think is very encouraging and keeps the door open to any potential name change.

"I appreciate there are financial and logistical issues which have to be addressed, but I think we have perhaps an opportunity to explore further funding options, and will be investigating this further.

"As far as I can see the door has not been closed on the suggestion and Transport Scotland is also exploring other potentials options. One option might be to add signs to the station name boards at Paisley St James which could say "alight here for St Mirren Football stadium", but we are still aiming to have the station name changed to St.Mirren, as this would then feature on the maps and timetables.

"I will be following this up with St Mirren FC and Transport Scotland at the first opportunity and I believe there is definitely scope to take it further."

It all sounds promising, but Councillor Mackay has made a silly mistake by suggesting a sign should be installed. Chances are Transport Scotland would have been willing to do this anyway and could now see the creation of such a sign as meeting the campaign's demands.

Story source: allmediascotland