Broadfoot: I Want To Stay

Last updated : 31 January 2004 By Stuart Gillespie
Earlier in the week Saints chairman Stewart Gilmour said that he had offered Kirk a good deal which he hadn't accepted, and the offer wasn't going to be increased.

According to Broadfoot, he was offered the deal four months ago. He left it for a while to think about it, then was offered it again. He left it for another few weeks to think about, and was offered it again and was still thinking about it. Here's an idea Kirk: if it would break your heart to leave Love Street, why didn't you just sign the damned thing? Or do you have the megastar complex which Kris Robertson has, and think you can get a deal in the English Premiership?

Gilmour said that the matter is now closed, and so it looks like Broadfoot will be on his way in the summer.

Story source: The Scottish Sun