Saints Fans Accused Of Sectarian Singing

According to one of the Rangers Supporters Trust's fantastic press releases, hun is an offensive term to Protestants. Now, I've used the term hun to describe Rangers fans many times - and I'm a Protestant. Not once have I thought it was offensive in a sectarian way. It is no more sectarian than calling Morton fans soapdodgers, and them calling us skunks in return.

Still, not to worry. The RST are a bunch of jumped up little idiots who seem to think believe they have some sort of importance that they blatantly do not. Press releases from them are almost as amusing as one of Mad Vlad's rants about something Hearts related. Rather than be concerned, Saints fans should be proud they have managed to get the RST to release another master piece.

Here's the article in full:

"Trust Awaits Action on Sectarian Singing

The RST would like to enquire as to the action to be taken against St. Mirren for the sectarian chanting sections of their away support indulged in at the match on Saturday.
After 76 minutes, the away support was clearly heard to sing 'Go Home Ya Huns'. The term 'hun' has been declared as sectarian by a number of organisations as an offensive term for Protestant (including Nil by Mouth).
It is inconceivable to the RST that the SPL delegate would have failed to notice this and refusal to take action can only be construed as yet more proof that the SPL have no interest in genuinely eradicating sectarianism from Scottish football. All the Rangers support asks is for parity when it comes to the enforcing of the 'Unacceptable Conduct' rules. Unfortunately at this stage it appears only one club is reported while others are continually permitted to breach the rules.
The Trust looks forward to the SPL explaining this obvious lack of consistency."

I feel they may be waiting for some time. For what it's worth, no one will ever be banned from the Mirren Mad messageboard for calling Rangers fans huns.