Rangers game to move

Last updated : 29 January 2009 By Stuart Gillespie
The two sides were supposed to meet on March 14. However, this week Rangers beat Falkirk to make the cup final, while Celtic beat Dundee United in an epic penalty shootout last night.

The game is scheduled for that particular weekend, meaning the game between Saints and Rangers, as well as the one between Celtic and Falkirk, will have to be rescheduled. They are likely to be played during the week, meaning another game on a Tuesday or Wednesday night. Chances are it'll probably be on Setanta.

This brings back memories of last season, where our game against Rangers was postponed in November due to an upcoming Scotland game. Due to fixture congestion it eventually became our final match of the season. Fingers crossed we don't have the same problem this time around!

Story source: SPL