Spartans Shall Not Be Moved

Last updated : 10 January 2006 By Stuart Gillespie
After the request to move the game to Almondvale was rejected, Saints then asked for the game to be moved to love Street, a move that was never going to work in a million years.

City Park has been granted a safety certificate for the game that allows the capacity to go as high as 3,700 people. The non-leaguers are only giving Saints 20% of this, meaning the most tickets we'll have is 740. The plan of buying tickets from Spartans is a no goer, as segregation has been imposed and Saints have been allocated the brilliantly named West Grassy Bank side of the ground! I wonder if someone will pop up from behind a grassy knoll to shoot one of our players inside the box and win us a penalty...

Spartans desire to play the game at their own ground is not ideal for many Saints fans, as demand will be two or three times the amount of tickets we get. With over 1,000 season ticket holders at Love Street, not even they are guaranteed a ticket and it will be interesting to see how the club give out tickets.

To be honest, I'm disappointed the club asked for the game to be moved. It's Spartans home game and they should be able to play it where they choose. Mind you, I'd have liked a few more fans for Saints supporters and I wonder where the 3,000 Spartans fans will be coming from!

Finally, a thank you, if you are reading this, to whoever it was (probably a Spartans fan) who e-mailed me directions to City Park on Sunday/Monday. I would have e-mailed you back but something went wrong and I lost all my e-mail!

Story source: The Official Spartans Website